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3-location concept for 3-Städte-Rally

2019 Freyung, 2020 Passau, 2021 Straubing

Subject to change without notice. Date 19.03.2019

The new concept of the ADAC Südbayern is providing for three locations in Eastern Bavaria for the 3-Städte-Rally, which change annually. "With this we want to offer the drivers and fans more variety - and on the other hand to minimize the burden for the communities and residents", Fritz Schadeck explains the decision of the board. "It makes a difference whether we ask for support every three years or whether we are on our doorstep every twelve months. Thus, the 56th ADAC 3-Städte-Rally on 18/19 October 2019 will be the first time the tents set up in the district of Freyung-Grafenau. The rally promises spectacular new tracks and a lot of variety for drivers, co-drivers and fans. A spectator circuit is also planned, the service park and the rally centre will be in the district town of Freyung. Under the direction of District Administrator Sebastian Gruber, the plans were presented to the affected communities and towns. "We see the 3-cities rally as an exciting opportunity to present our region as part of the season finale of the German championship," emphasises Gruber. This event, with over 400 overnight stays over several days by teams and officials as well as thousands of day guests, is also an interesting economic factor. For 2020, the ADAC Südbayern is again planning the Rottaler Bäderdreick around Bad Griesbach in the district of Passau. And in 2021 it will be back in Straubing.

The sporty part of the classic, lovingly called by his fans 3-Städte leads over twelve special stages (SS) with a total length of 150 kilometres. The start will be on Friday from 14:45 hrs on the service area in Freyung.

After the overnight break the Saturday stage starts at 9:00 hrs. The spectator points at the special stages are agreed with the authorities and neighbours.

From 15:30 hrs the first teams will cross the finish ramp in Freyung. The finish ramp is located directly on the town square.

The award ceremony of the ADAC 3-Staedte Rally will then take place at 20:00 hrs. This is immediately followed by the annual award ceremony of the German Rally Championship, the ADAC Rally Masters and the ADAC OPEL Rally Cups.

The preliminary schedule in the overview:

Thursday, October 17, 2019

  • from 14:00 hrs - Scrutineering

Friday, October 18, 2019

  • from 8:00 hrs - Scrutineering
  • 14:45 hrs - Start of leg 1
  • 20:30 hrs - 1st car to finish the 1st leg (Service IN)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

  • 09:00 hrs - Start of leg 2
  • 15:30 hrs - Finish of the rally at the city square in Freyung
  • 20:00 hrs - Price giving

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Safety Instructions - Safety First!

Please note - also on straight sections and on apparently easy bends a rally car can go off the road!

  • Please stay in spectator zones only. Your safety ca be granted just there!
  • Never run on the road if a car stops, even not for helping!
    SAFE SITUATION FIRST, then helping! Danger to Life by following cars!
  • Follow the instructions of the marshalls!
  • Don't block emergency routes with your car!
  • Don't remove information signs!
  • Keep the spectator points clean!
  • Take care about your children all the time!
  • Put a leash on your dog!
Safety areas are for your secureness!
We wish you a safe event.
Thank you!


Spectator Points

More action on official spectator points. There we have moderation and catering.

Note: Here in the Internet the spectator points will be published.
The complete special stages can only be found in our programme, which will be sold on Thursday, 17 October from 18:00 hrs in the rally centre.

Information for Spectators


Information about General Map, Time Schedule 2019 will be published here.

Important note: day tickets are available at the special stages. All other tickets (ticket combinations, VIP, etc.) are only available here at the pre sale or at the info counter in the Rally Centre

Rally Magazine (only in German)

The rally magazine with information about the complete special stages will be available from Thursday, 17 October at 18:00 hrs in the rally-centre.
The detailed magazine costs 4,- Euro and we ask you to support the event and rally sport with this contribution.
Thank you in advance for your help


Rally Centre Freyung

Städtisches Freibad
94078 Freyung

Navi-Coordinates Parking:

FAQ / frequently asked questions

Is the 3-Staedte-Rally again the final of the German Championship?


In this season the German Rally Championship and the ADAC Rally Masters will be announced at seven events. All seven rallies will be scored:

  • 08./09.03.19 ADAC Saarland-Pfalz Rallye, St. Wendel
  • 24./25.05.19 AvD-Sachsen-Rallye, Zwickau
  • 14./15.06.19 ADAC Rallye Stemweder Berg, Lübbecke
  • 26./27.07.19 ADAC Rallye Wartburg, Eisenach
  • 09./10.08.19 ADAC Rallye "Rund um die Sulinger Bärenklaue", Sulingen
  • 04./05.10.19 ADMV Rallye Erzgebirge, Stollberg
  • Finale: 18./19.10.19 ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye, Freyung

More Information on ADAC Motorsport / Deutsche Rallyemeisterschaft

Is this rally authorised?


The ADAC 3-St-Staedte-Rally is a automobile rally, which is held in the form of a competition on best time on closed off tracks. The road closures and the implementation of the event are approved by the responsible Landsratamt in accordance with §29 StVO and after consultation with the so-called participants. In addition, the event must be approved by the German Motorsport Association (Deutscher Motorsportbund) and the prescribed safety measures must be implemented by tested track safety managers and rally leaders. On public and unblocked routes the rally participants must behave fully and completely in accordance with the road traffic regulations.

The event is insured with the Jühe Racing Policy / Allianz to cover liability against third parties (e.g. residents and property owners on the closed routes). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: Christian Götzenberger - Phone 089 5195 116 or E-Mail

Is there information for residents?


All residents will be informed by the organiser, the ADAC Südbayern. These include in particular road closures and their closure periods, special regulations for the entry and exit of properties, warning notices on danger points and much more.

als PDF downloaden

Here you will find a summary of the most important points for residents and residents (only in German): Anwohner- und Gemeindeinformationen
- date 21.12.2018 - PDF download, 247 Kb

Für Fragen stehen wir natürlich gerne zur Verfügung: Christian Götzenberger - Telefon 089 5195 116 oder E-Mail

Do the participants know the special stages?


The regulations of the German Rally Championship stipulate that participants are not allowed to visit the evaluation tests (tracks closed during the rally) in the run-up to the event. This serves the protection of residents and also the equality of competition for teams travelling far away. Only shortly before the rally (on Thursday, 17 October and Friday, 18 October) will the teams be allowed to run the later stages twice according to the instructions of the rally management. Here the StVO applies and it is to be taken special consideration of the residents.

Where can I get a rally magazine before the rally?


Since the evaluation tests will not be published in the run-up to the event, we can only start selling the programmes on Thursday evening in the ADAC Rallye Centre.
The rally magazine costs 4 Euro and supports the organizer - Thank you!

Hint: Here on this website the spectator points are already published a few weeks before the rally.

Can anyone take part in the 3-Staedte-Rally?


Who wants to participate in the 3-St-Staedte-Rally must have in principle an international license, which is issued by the German Motorsport Federation (DMSB) or the highest motorsport authorities abroad only after appropriate qualification.
Further information is also available at DMSB.

How much does it cost to enter the special stages/spectator points?


Admission to the special stages costs 10 Euro per day, 15 Euro for both rally days.

Unfortunately, the costs for such a big event with all the increasing requirements of the licensing authorities regarding security concept, parking spaces, toilets, waste disposal, insurance, etc. cannot be covered by entry fees of the teams or sponsorship income.
The entrance fees are kept as low as possible and should make the popular rally sport possible in Eastern Bavaria.

Thanks in advance for your support

Many thanks to...

...all helping people, cooperation partners, sponsors, residents, municipalities, authorities, visitors and all, who make possible the big season final at the ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally with their enthusiasm or tolerance for rallying!



ADAC Südbayern Motorsport

Der ADAC Südbayern ist die Nummer 1 in Motorsport und Klassik in der Region.

FIA international series

FIA - Federation Internationale de l'Automobile is the governing body of motor sport and aims to safeguard the rights and promote the interests of motorists and motor sport. It works across three areas: Sport, Mobility and Campaigns.

MRC - Mitropa Rally Cup

Der Mitropa Rally Cup wird auch als Europameisterschaft der Privatfahrer bezeichnet. In der mehr als 50-jährigen Tradition haben sich berühmte Namen wie Sandro Munari und Armin Schwarz, sowie die deutschen Seriensieger Matthias Moosleitner und Hermann Gassner in den Siegerlisten eingetragen.

DRM - Deutsche Rallyemeisterschaft

Das TOP-Prädikat der 3-Städte-Rallye:
Seit der Saison 2014 ist der ADAC Promoter der Deutschen Rallye-Meisterschaft (DRM) und platziert das Prädikat innerhalb der ADAC Rallye Masters-Veranstaltungen.

ADAC Rallye Masters

Das ADAC Rallye Masters bei acht Veranstaltungen ausgeschrieben. Es wird den Teilnehmern das schlechteste Ergebnis als ein Streichergebnis abgezogen. Dabei erfolgt die Wertung ausschließlich in den ausgeschriebenen Divisionen 2 bis 6

Straubing Tigers

Continuity and solidity - two concepts that are important for the Straubing Tigers Since joining the league in 2006, we have been able to develop further in all areas.

Pullman City - Die lebende Westernstadt

Pullman City - The living western city - experience the "Wild West" of Lower Bavaria - archery, gold panning, pony riding, live country music, line dancing and campfire romanticism.

ADAC Rallye Cup

Der ADAC Rallye Cup 2018 steht Teilnehmern jeden Alters offen.

Motorsport Niederbayern

Die niederbayerischen Maier Korduletsch Meisterschaften bieten den idealen Breitensport im Bereich Kart-Slalom, Rallye und Slalom.

More Partner:


Rallye Hub    n-tv Nachrichtenfernsehen    World-leading motorsport technology    AUTODOC Online-Shop


ADAC Südbayern Motorsport

Der ADAC Südbayern ist die Nummer 1 in Motorsport und Klassik in der Region.

Peugeot Sport

More than 30 years after french Michele Mouton won the German championship on a Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, another Peugeot took the chance to win the national championship in 2018.... Peugeot Sport

Brose - Den Talenten die Wege ebnen

One of our central concerns is the systematic promotion of young talent - whether at work or in sport. We want to make it easier for young talents to reach the top in this way. We have been supporting rally driver Dominik Dinkel, born in 1992, since 2012.

Sponsoring & Cooperations


More information about Sponsoring & Cooperations will be published here


Supplementary Regulations 2019 - Entries


...will be published here

Virtual Notice Board


...will be published here

Timetable 2019


...will be published here

Service park and Rally-Headquarter, Accommodation

als PDF downloaden

Overview of overnight accommodations 2019 - Feyung: Hotels-Pensions-Holiday Apartments
- date 06.12.2018 - PDF download, 140 Kb

Presse / Media

Our departement of public relations takes care about journalists and editors at ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally. Our service comprises:

  • free pictures and videos
  • press releases
  • latest news on our homepage and facebook
  • accreditation for ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally
  • media-events like press-conference
  • editorial discussions, backstage information
  • interviews, usw.

Your contact-persons at ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally are:

Chief-Media-Officer at ADAC Südbayern e.V.
Stefan Dorner
Ridlerstr. 35, 80339 München
Telefon: +49 89 5195 200
E-Mail: stefan.dorner@sby.adac.de

ADAC Südbayern e.V.
Public Relations
Denise Kehrer
Telefon: +49 89 5195 203
E-Mail: denise.kehrer@sby.adac.de

ADAC media-portal: https://presse.adac.de/


TOP News


20.10.2018 - Thank You, Straubing!


Revival of the ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally becomes a celebration: Dinkel/Fürst win in front of 17000 fans.
Motorsport-Mythos Straubing: At the comeback of the ADAC 3-Staedte-Rally after 14 years, drivers and spectators experienced a spectacle for two days like in the old days, but in a more modern look: Sporty-selective tracks in the northern district and an attractive city circuit with spectator stage and show programme in the rally centre am Hagen attracted a total of 17,000 fans to the tracks.
- date 20.10.2018

More Information


Media Accrediation


Media accrediation is possible from 1. September 2018

eligibility requirements for Facebook lottery

als PDF downloaden

The eligibility requirements for Facebook lottery
- date 19.10.2017 - PDF download, 10 Kb


Live Timing 2018


Final results 2018

als PDF downloaden

Provisional Final Results 2018 results download 3-Staedte-Rally 2018
- date 20.10.2018 - PDF download, 170 Kb

Table of Honour - Winner from 1963 till today

  • 2018 - Dinkel/Fürst (D/D) Skoda Fabia R5
  • 2017 - Dinkel/Kohl (D/D) Skoda Fabia R5
  • 2016 - Kreim/Christian (D/D) Skoda Fabia R5
  • 2015 - Kreim/Christian (D/D) Skoda Fabia R5
  • 2014 - Zeltner/Zeltner (D/D) Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2013 - Gaßner jun./Mayrhofer (D/A) Mitsubishi Evo 10
  • 2012 - Zeltner/Zeltner (D/D) Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2011 - Zeltner/Hinneberg (D/D) Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2010 - Gaßner/Thannhäuser (D/D) Mitsubishi Evo 10
  • 2009 - Gaßner/Thannhäuser (D/D) Mitsubishi Evo 10
  • 2008 - Werner/Edelmann (D/D) Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2007 - Werner/Edelmann (D/D) Porsche 911 GT3
  • 2006 - Grössing/Winklhofer (A/D) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7
  • 2005 - Baumschlager/Zeltner (A/A) Mitsubishi Carisma Evo 8
  • 2004 - Gaßner/Schrankl (D/D) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7
  • 2003 - Kahle/Göbel (D/D) Skoda Octavia WRC
  • 2002 - Kahle/Göbel (D/D) Skoda Octavia WRC
  • 2001 - Kahle/Schneppenheim (D/D) Seat Cordoba WRC
  • 2000 - Kremer/Wicha (D/D) Subaru Impreza WRC
  • 1999 - Kahle/Schneppenheim (D/D) Toyota Corolla WRC
  • 1998 - Kremer/Berßen (D/D) Subaru Impreza WRC
  • 1997 - Jonsson/Johansson (S/S) Ford Escort RS Cosworth
  • 1996 - Depping/Berßen (D/D) Ford Escort RS Cosworth
  • 1995 - Moosleitner/Entress (D/D) Ford Escort RS Cosworth
  • 1994 - Jonsson/Johansson (S/S) Mazda 323 GTR
  • 1993 - Weber/Hiemer (D/D) Mitsubishi Galant VR 4
  • 1992 - Weber/Hiemer (D/D) Mitsubishi Galant VR 4
  • 1991 - Weber/Hiemer (D/D) VW Rallye Golf G 60
  • 1990 - Jonsson/Bäckman (S/S) Toyota Celica GT 4 WD
  • 1989 - Eriksson/Parmander (S/S) Toyota Celica GT 4 WD
  • 1988 - Schwarz/Wicha (D/D) Audi 200 Quattro
  • 1987 - Röhrl/Geistdörfer (D/D) Audi 200 Quattro
  • 1986 - Mouton/Harryman (F/GB) Peugeot 205 T 16
  • 1985 - Grundel/Diekmann (S/D) Peugeot 205 T 16
  • 1984 - Röhrl/Geistdörfer (D/D) Audi Quattro Sport
  • 1983 - Röhrl/Geistdörfer (D/D) Lancia Rallye 037
  • 1982 - Hero/Müller (D/D) Porsche 911 Turbo
  • 1981 - Kleint/Wanger (D/D) Opel Ascona 400
  • 1980 - Freisler/Scholz (D/D) Porsche 911
  • 1979 - "Lucky"/Pons (I/I) Fiat Abarth 131
  • 1978 - Gubernath/Pichlmeier (D/D) Opel Kadett GTE
  • 1977 - Wittmann/Dr. Nestinger (A/A) Opel Kadett GTE
  • 1976 - Wittmann/Schatzl (A/A) Opel Kadett GTE
  • 1975 - Rack/Köhler (D/D) Porsche Carrera
  • 1974 - Hauck/Pitz (D/D) Porsche Carrera
  • 1973 - Röhrl/Berger (D/D) Opel Ascona
  • 1972 - Zasada/Zyskowski (PL/PL) Porsche 911
  • 1971 - Rack/Köhler (D/D) Porsche 911
  • 1970 - Andruet/Veron (F/F) Renault Alpine
  • 1969 - Vinatier/Roure (F/F) Renault Alpine
  • 1967 - Piot/Brenand (F/F) Renault R 1135
  • 1966 - Mäkinen/Easter (FIN/GB) BMC Cooper
  • 1965 - Aaltonen/Ambrose (FIN/GB) BMC Cooper
  • 1964 - Wiener/Wiener (A/A) Glas 1204 TS
  • 1963 - Schmöllerl/Schneider (A/A) MCA 1800